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Instructions and Help about Form 1099-int instructions

So welcome thank you for deciding to go ahead and join this course what we're gonna be covering in this part one is we're gonna talk a little bit of an overview of what 1099 reporting is and go a little bit about what the purpose of all these 1099 s are we'll talk about when to file the 1099 and the forms so the timing of when to file it as well as how to file them and where to file the forms will cover who gets that 1099 and some of the exceptions as to who shouldn't get it to ninety nine so that's gonna be our our purpose and our goal for today and we're gonna go ahead and jump right into that we look at the overview for 1099 reporting itself we have to know that well first of all it is commonly a little bit misunderstood so there is a lot of misunderstanding of the requirements related to 1099 forms and especially as a relates to independent contractor so we'll cover some of that being the most common type of 1099 that we just think of whenever we think of 1099 s and as we look over the past several years there's been a lot of new requirements and legislation put in effect and also removed which continues to add to the confusion unfortunately regarding the requirements so we're putting this together for you too in order to assist you to form a better understanding of what is required for you the bottom line is a lot of this legislation and the requirements they're always changing so in the 1099 course we've developed we have three parts so think of it as a very comprehensive guidebook part one that we're in right now we're just covering a lot of the rules and the requirements part two which I definitely encourage you to go ahead and continue through the rest of these is going to cover all those forms all the specific forms and all their specific instructions and roles and the part three is going to talk about compliance penalties when things don't go according to plan and some additional reporting so that's everything in this full three-part course you are certainly welcome to look at the manual you'll find that at tax edge 365.com ford slash canopy and by the way if you have any troubles at all try small letters in there it's it's a technology thing but that's where you'll find the course manuals so as we look at the reporting choir requirements in the IRS has implemented of a variety of these requirements for anyone engaged in a trade or business what we're dealing with are ones contained in the Internal Revenue Code section 60 42 through 60 50 and they generally require a variety of information reporting requirements Code section 60 41 requires information returns to be made by every person engaged in a trade or business so that.

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